Stylowa restaurant


Steak tartare with smoked egg yolk | 29 PLN

Nicoise salad | 27 PLN

Green leek/ Parma ham / salad mix/ feta cheese/ pickles: young betroth, parsley, kohlrabi

Veal dumplings served with clarified sage butter | 25 PLN

Crispy Swiss style flan with red onion and sour cream | 28 PLN


French onion soup with cheese toast | 12 PLN

Cream of carrot and ginger soup | 9 PLN

Main dishes

Steak “a la minute” served with horseradish, egg yolk, fresh vegetable stripes and potato slices | 42 PLN

Beef tenderloin with grilled vegetables and steak house fries | 59 PLN

Fresh fish „dorada” with potatoes confit, stewed onions and baked cherry tomatoes | 44 PLN

Roasted duck with fried potato, apple gratin and sauce with cranberries and red wine. Quarter / Half duck | 35 PLN

Choice of home made pastas

Carbonara tagliatelle | 29 PLN

Aglio olio peperoncino with tomato concasse | 29 PLN


Chia seeds, mango mousse, lemon sorbet and chocolate truffle | 14 PLN

Home-made sorbets | 6 PLN

Creme brulee | 11 PLN

*** If it is possible, we will prepare for our Guests a dish on request. *** Ask the waiter about the list of allergens


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